Reforming Administrative Information

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Reforming Administrative Information


1. Building and perfecting a system of socialist-oriented market economy institutions in order to free the productive forces, mobilize and effectively use all resources for the country's development.

2. Creating an equitable, open, favorable and transparent business environment in order to minimize the time and funding expenses of enterprises of all economic sectors in complying with administrative procedures.

3. To build a system of state administrative agencies from the central to grassroots levels throughout, clean, strong, modern, effective, effective, increasing democracy and the rule of law in the management activities of Government and state administrative agencies.

4. Ensuring the realization of the people's democratic rights, protecting human rights, associating human rights with the rights and interests of the nation and the country.

5. To build a contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees who are qualified, capable and qualified to meet the requirements of serving the people and the development of the country.

The focus of administrative reform in the next 10 years is: Institutional reform; formulating and improving the quality of the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees, attaching importance to reforming the wage policy in order to create a real motive for officials, public servants and public employees to perform quality and effective public duties. high fruit; improve the quality of administrative services and the quality of public services.


1. Institutional reform:

a) Building and perfecting the legal system on the basis of the amended and supplemented 1992 Constitution;

b) Renewing and improving the quality of law-making work, firstly the process of elaborating and promulgating laws, ordinances, decrees, decisions, circulars and legal documents of local governments. methods to ensure the constitutionality, legality, uniformity, specificity and feasibility of legal documents;

c) Continue building and perfecting the system of institutions, mechanisms and policies, first of all socialist-oriented market economy institutions, ensuring fairness in distributing the fruits of innovation, of socio-economic development;

d) Completing the institution of ownership, clearly affirming the objective, long-term existence of various forms of ownership, first of all state ownership, collective ownership, private ownership, and ensuring legal rights and interests of different owners in the economy; synchronously revising the current institutions on land ownership, clearly defining land ownership and land use rights, ensuring the rights of land users;

d) Continue to innovate institutions on state-owned enterprises, with a focus on clearly defining the management role of the State with the role of owner of state assets and capital; separating the function of ownership of the State's assets and capital from the business management function of a state enterprise; improving institutions on organization and business of state capital;

f) To amend and supplement the provisions of law on socialization along the direction of clearly defining the State's responsibility to take care of people's material and spiritual life; encourage all economic sectors to participate in providing services in a fair and healthy competitive environment;

g) Continue to build and improve the institutional system on the organization and operation of state administrative agencies; to amend, supplement and complete legal documents on the organization and operation of the Government, People's Councils and People's Committees at all levels;

h) Develop and complete the provisions of the law on the relationship between the State and the people, with a focus on ensuring and promoting the people's mastery, and obtaining the people's opinions before deciding on the owners. important policies and rights of the people to supervise the activities of state administrative agencies.


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