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1. Position and function:
Infrastructure Development Company Economic zone is a public non-business unit directly under the Management Board; The company has a legal status, its own seal and account to operate in accordance with the law.
To advise and assist the Chairman in the management of construction investment projects, quality control of construction works with the State budget capital invested by the Economic Zone Management Board; Managing, exploiting, using and maintaining, maintaining technical infrastructure facilities, which have been invested in economic zones and industrial parks; Organizing the production and provision of public services to meet the public welfare needs of the state in industrial parks and economic zones; Investment in construction and business of technical infrastructure and utilities in industrial parks and economic zones; To mobilize investment capital sources for infrastructure development in industrial parks and economic zones in order to expand and improve the quality of non-business activities according to law provisions.
2. Tasks and powers:
- Receiving capital from central budget support, provincial budget allocated to perform tasks assigned by the Investor on management of investment projects on construction of technical infrastructure works in industrial parks, economic zones assigned to manage: from planning, investment preparation, investment execution preparation, investment execution, investment completion.
- Management, exploitation, use and maintenance of technical infrastructure works in economic zones and industrial parks assigned to manage and use after investment (market, bus station, water supply production, daily life, sewage treatment) and other public services;
- To borrow credit capital to invest in the development of infrastructure, build houses and welfare works in order to raise the spiritual and cultural life for workers in industrial parks and economic zones and enjoy incentives according to law provisions;
- Renting and using businesses and investors that are assigned by the State for management of infrastructure and invested and built by the Company in industrial parks and economic zones at the unit price of the People's Committee. the province issued (for infrastructure managed by the state) and collect fees on the basis of a contract signed between the parties (for infrastructure built by the Company);
- Providing services to investors in industrial parks and economic zones, including: Manufacturing, trading, planting, tending trees, ornamental plants and lawns; services of treating termites and insects; Supply of probiotics to preserve agricultural products, foodstuffs, probiotics to produce compost organic fertilizer; Supply of petroleum, construction materials and services, entertainment, food and drink ...;
- Monitor and capture the situation of enterprises, investors in industrial parks and economic zones in the fields of construction, environment, production and business activities, labor ... and promptly report Leaders of Management Board of arising incidents;
- Perform a number of other duties and powers as prescribed by law and as assigned or authorized by the Management Board leader.


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