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1.1. Function:
To advise and assist the Head of the Management Board, directing the activities of the Management Board to ensure consistency, continuity and efficiency; To advise on performing the task of state management of internal affairs, including: Organization and personnel work; Administrative reform; Managing the receiving and results department; Synthesis, construction and management of information systems, archives; administrative administration; Foreign affairs and international cooperation; Planning, finance - budget work of the Management Board.
1.2. Tasks and powers:
To advise and assist the Chairman to perform the following tasks:
- Organizational structure, personnel organization, training, retraining, personnel planning, emulation and commendation, salary and policies, remuneration for civil servants and public employees employees under the management of the Management Board in accordance with the law and records management of cadres, civil servants and officials as prescribed;
- Elaborating, promulgating and implementing the internal regulations and working regulations of the agency formulating working regulations with specialized agencies under the provincial People's Committees or relevant agencies to perform the tasks and powers assigned under the "One-door" and "One-stop-shop" mechanisms, "An electronic door";
- Implement administrative reform, control administrative procedures and quality management work according to ISO 9001: 2008; directly managing the department of "Receiving and returning results" under the mechanism of "One-door", "One-stop-door" and "One-stop electronic";
- Prepare draft documents, schemes and regulations to submit to the Provincial People's Committee and the President of the Provincial People's Committee according to Points 1 and 2, Article 2 of Circular No. 06/2015 / TTLT-BKHĐT-BNV dated 03 / 9/2015;
- Develop documents (decisions, regulations, working programs ...) to help the Chairman direct and manage the general affairs of the Management Board effectively; synthesize construction and urge affiliated units to implement working plans, programs; organize the recording of minutes and notice of conclusions of conferences and meetings of agencies and follow the implementation of conclusions of meetings and conferences;
- Carry out information, periodic and irregular reports on the status of task performance in the areas assigned to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the provincial People's Committees and all levels and inter-branches. agency;
- Management and operation of internal network; organize the management and operation of websites, act as a focal point to control news articles, questions and answers on the agency's information portal;
- Organize the management of outgoing dispatches, clerical work, storage, preservation, confidentiality, documents, records, seals of agencies, Party Cells and mass organizations Management Board in accordance with the law;
- Organizing and serving meetings, seminars, reception work, reception and diplomatic relations of agencies; managing agency headquarters; ensure facilities, working equipment of the agency; ensure the agency hygiene, security and safety at workplaces;
- Make an estimate of the administrative and non-business funding and annual development investment capital of the Management Board and submit it to the competent agency for approval according to the provisions of the State Budget Law and relevant laws. ; Organize the accounting, management, use and settlement of funding sources of the agency according to the current law provisions;
- Coordinate with relevant units in implementing internal affairs; To prevent corruption, practice thrift and fight against waste and settle complaints and denunciations of the Management Board;
- Perform other duties as assigned or authorized by the Leader.


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